Camping in France

Every region in France has something different to offer which is why camping in France is the perfect holiday destination for families whether you’re a seasoned camper or it’s your first time.

Although ‘Camping Holidays Brittany’ focuses on those looking to go camping in Brittany our main website Go Camp France offers alternative campsites throughout the whole of France.

From the hot sunny Mediterranean campsites in the Cote d’Azur and Languedoc and Rousillon to the deep wooded valleys of the Dordogne, the history filled Brittany and Normandy and not forgetting the heart of culture Paris there truly is a campsite in France for everyone.

Each and every region has it’s own unique heritage, architecture, gastronomy, landscape and culture ensuring that you can return to France year on year without the fear of having two family holidays that are exactly the same.

The coastline of France extends to around 3500km providing you with ample opportunity to explore the variety of fishing ports, villages, naval ports, coves, rocky cliffs and thousands of sandy beaches.

What’s great about France is that the french people love camping . This love ensures that whichever region in France you choose you can be sure that there are plenty of campsites all with great facilities and activities to suit all types of budget, style and taste.

To find and book a campsite in an alternative area of France please click on the relevant region listed below.

On each page you’ll find an overview of the region itself, locations of the campsites and links to where you can discover more about and book your perfect family camping holiday in France.

Normandy | Paris | Picardy | Ardeche and Auvergne | Cote d’Azur | Languedoc and Roussillon | Royan, Gascony and Gironde | Pyrenees | Burgundy | Dordogne | Jura | Loire | The Alps | Vendee.