Campsites in Brittany

Campsites in Brittany

We’ve selected a variety of different campsites in Brittany aimed at providing you with the perfect camping holiday in France. However, if you’ve never considered visiting Brittany, read on to find out more.

Explore Brittany!

Located in the far North Western corner of France, Brittany comprises of 4 different regions also known as “Departments” which are Finistere, Morbihan, Cotes d’Armor and finally Ille et Vilaine.

Finistere lies in the far west, Morbihan to the south, Cotes d’Armor to the north and finally Ille et Vilaine to the east where Brittany borders Normandy.

You may think that as all four are located in Brittany that one region will be very much the same as the next but you would be greatly mistaken. There’s a great deal of variety in their culture, food and landscape which makes this part of France so unique and also so popular

The distinct geology of the pink granite coast to the north and the soft sandy beaches to the far west and south is just one example of how the regions differ. As well as the differences in terrain and landscape there is also a great degree of variety in the local culture, gastronomy and heritage.

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Campsites in Brittany

With a comprehensive range of campsites available you can choose from some of the best campsites for families, the best campsites for peace and relaxation, the best campsites for activities or a combination of all three.

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